• Animation
• 3D Design
• 3D Modelling
• 3D Dynamics
• 3D Character Design &   Rigging
• Cloth & Liquid   simulations
• Texturing & Lighting
• Architectural   Visualisation
• Photo-realistic   Imaging
• 3D Logo design

3D visualization can dramatically improve your business. Video has the ability to communicate complex or detailed information in a short amount of time, without you even being there. We can help you with training videos, marketing/sales videos, corporate event videos and much more. Just about any idea you have, we can produce into a video presentation. We’ll listen carefully to understand your strategic goals. Together we’ll produce a video message your company will be proud of and that best focuses on results.

Animated Graphics
Impress your target audience with animated backgrounds and animated graphics for any production as well as animation video integration. Ideas are endless but some of the more requested animations techniques we are asked about are movie intros, animated graphics or still 3D graphics, logo animation, 3D image animation, 3D text for animated intros and presentations, special effects, 3D design, and animated backgrounds.